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Consistent Advocacy Program with technology based projects to get a Property Register for Northern Ghana that’ll make access to Title Deeds Easy and Cheaper. As stated above the northern regions of Ghana is the poorest in the country though it has the largest land mass in the country. Regrettably, there are no titles as the procedure of accessing that is cumbersome & costly. Resurrecting the “Dead Capital” of Northern Ghana to breathe life the economy is our motivation.


Gaining a Tax-Haven & Holiday for Start-ups in Northern Ghana to accelerate growth & demystify poverty in Ghana’s poorest region is the way forward. This programme will work towards convincing civil society to call for a Tax-Free Northern Ghana which can attract investment locally & beyond the shores of Ghana. We are looking at a Honduras Style of Economic Free Zone.


A semi-annual strategic event engaging African intellectual class & youth within age 18-36 for a one week mentorship and training on the ideas of free markets and liberty. These Camps work towards creating an understanding of the ideas of free markets & liberty in the minds of the younger generation of Africa as the option to solving African impoverish challenges, corruption and many mor,creating as many free markets & liberty flagships as possible for a decentralize dissemination of the ideas of free markets & liberty.

Libertarian convention

It is an annual regional convention of pro-liberty minded individuals and groups with the focus of stimulating in-depth understanding of free markets and liberty ideas in eradicating poverty in the three Northern regions of Ghana



A weekend Event of exposing participants to voluntary exchange & how commerce transforms society, it will be held thrice a year with different audience from students, clergy, public servants, entrepreneurs & Business Leaders.


This platform will be used to transfer entrepreneurship skills & ideas to all segments of the people in the 3 northern regions.


It’s a mentorship program for start-up owners with the aim of becoming an incubation project.



An annual community base event in the three Northern regions engaging traditional leaders, religions leaders, clergy, journalist, political party’s leaders and youth in ensuring peace, love and liberty in Northern Ghana. This event is geared towards swaying public opinion from the notion that northern Ghana is the most violent part of the country by ensuring a continuous peaceful atmosphere.


Young Leaders Mentorship

This is an internship programme to mentor young people on Free Market Activism & Leadership Skills.

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