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Centre for Liberty & Entrepreneurship (CLE Ghana) is a nonprofit research and educational Think Tank — dedicated to the principles of free markets, individual liberty, limited government, secured private property rights and entrepreneurship. CLE strives to engage Ghana’s intellectual class in pursuit of swaying public opinion towards Free Market ideas & Policies. Its scholars and analysts conduct independent, nonpartisan research on a wide range of policy issues.

Founded in 2015, Centre for Liberty & Entrepreneurship owes its name to the Liberty & Entrepreneurship Camp run by the then Libertarian organization Africa Youth Peace Call; these camps which has become a major semi-annual event of CLE Ghana born the ideas of free markets & liberty in the minds of the founders of CLE Ghana. Our focus is to change the notion that the three Northern Regions of Ghana are the poorest through free markets, individual liberty and sound public policies.


To engage Ghana’s intellectual class & youth in swaying public opinion towards free market ideas, lndividual liberty and public policy discourse. To eradicate poverty in the three Northern regions of Ghana through free enterprise.


To become the leading educational & public policy Think Tank in Ghana and beyond offering best educational resources and sound policy options for a freer society.


In order to maintain its independence, Centre for Liberty & Entrepreneurship accepts no government funding. CLE receives approximately 75 percent of its funding through tax-deductible contributions from individuals within the liberty and crypto currencies community in Ghana and beyond many of whom are responding to informative direct mail solicitations and program updates. The remainder of its support comes from foundations, corporations, and the sale of books and publications.


In an era of aggression, CLE Ghana remains dedicated to advocating for free markets, liberty and limited government, providing clear, thoughtful, and independent analysis on vital public policy issues. Using all means possible — from blogs, Web features, informative direct mail, op-eds and TV appearances, conferences, research reports, speaking engagements, and books — CLE works vigorously to present citizens with educative programs, incisive and understandable analysis


Mahamadu Salam, a born libertarian and free markets enthusiasts hails from Nachem – a farming community in the suburb of the Northern region of Ghana. 25 years of age, single and a Degree holder in Bsc. Accounting & finance from the University for Development Studies – Ghana, he has since his university life dedicated himself fully to the advocacy for free markets, individual liberty and limited government in the three Northern regions of Ghana. Together with his team, he championed libertarian ideas in Northern Ghana operating the first educational and public policy Think tank in the northern sector of the country (Northern region, Upper East region and Upper West region) – CLE Ghana

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